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Private Limited Company Registration in Faridabad.

A private Company registration is one of the most popular business registrations among the small, medium, and large enterprises in India. Start-ups and businesses with higher growth aspiration popularly choose Private Company registration as a suitable business structure. A private Company Registration is a company which as a minimum 2 and maximum 50 members present. A private Company Registration must have minimum paid-up capital of Re. 1 or such higher amount as may be prescribed from time to time and has restricted the right of a member to transfer its shares. A private Company Registration doesn’t invite the public to subscribe its share capital. It is mandatory to use the word “Private Limited’ at the of the name of the Private Limited company registration. This form of company has many benefits such as no interference of public or government, no requirement for the issue of the prospectus, separate legal existence from its members, can enter into a contract in its own name. Also, a Private Company registration is eligible to take benefit of registration under the Startup India Scheme of the Government of India. This scheme avails multiple benefits including tax exemptions for the recognized startups. S4las Accounting offers service of company registration in Delhi, company registration in Noida and company registration in Gurgaon.

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Why Small Business should register a Private Limited Company in Faridabad

Small businesses should register a Private Limited Company as it is the most prominent and acceptable form of business amidst Small, Medium and Large business in India. Generally small businesses require funds and investments for their growth and expansion. Raising funds in the form of debt or equity is comparatively effortless and trouble free for a Private Limited Company as it enjoys high credibility in the eyes of the Financial Institutions, Suppliers, potential clients and general public worldwide.

Moreover, many small businesses have misconception that massive investment is required to Register a Private Limited Company in Faridabad and to undertake legal compliances related thereto. However, the truth is Private Limited Company Registration and its legal compliances can be completed at very affordable charges.

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How to do Register Private Limited Company in Faridabad

Submission of Documents to get Register a Private Limited Company in Faridabad:

The identity documents of the 2 proposed Directors are to submit which includes:

PAN Card or Passport.

Address Proof: Passport/ Driver License/ Election ID/ Ration Card/ Aadhar Card.

Residence Proof: Bank Statement/ Electricity Bill/Phone Bill.

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Name Approval process:
The name of the company should be unique and an application is to be made for approval from the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Up to 2 names can be provided. In case of rejection, an opportunity is given to the applicant for re-submission of the form with 2 more names.

Obtaining the Digital Signature Certificate:
It is necessary to obtain the Digital Signatures of the proposed directors. The DSC is required for signing the incorporation application. However, the DSC is not required to obtain the name approval.

SPIC e+ Form Application:
After obtaining the Digital Signature Certificate the incorporation application is submitted in the SPICe form with the MCA. There is no requirement to obtain the name approval to submit the SPICe Form.

Incorporation of the Company:
The Company Incorporated and an Incorporation certificate along with the PAN, TAN can be obtained within 2-3 business days.

Current Bank account:
S4las will help you in opening a zero balance current bank account digitally through our platform.

What are the Compliances for a Company registered in Faridabad?


Statutory Auditor Appointment: The Board of Directors has to appoint a Practicing Chartered Accountant within 30 days of Incorporation to carry on the Statutory audit.

Commencement of Business: The Capital that is mentioned in the MOA is to be deposited in the bank and the certificate of commencement has to be obtained from the MCA.

Income Tax filing: The Companies that are registered in Faridabad have to file the income tax return each year in Form ITR 6.

Annual return: The Companies that are registered in Faridabad need to file the MCA annual return mandatorily each year in Form AOC 4 and MGT 7.

DIN KYC: The DIN KYC procedure must be completed each year for the proposed directors of the Company.

Eligibility Criteria for Private Limited Company Registration in Faridabad

1. Members/Shareholders – Minimum 2 & Maximum 200

  • Shareholders/ Members of the Private Limited Company are those persons who own the shares of the company and thus known as owners of the company.
  • At least 2 persons are required to register Private Limited Company in Faridabad and maximum 200 persons can become the shareholders/members of the company.
  • Person includes individual (above 18 years) or Company or any other legal entity whether Indian or foreign.


2. Directors – Minimum 2 & Maximum 15

  • Every Business registration in India must have Board of Directors having minimum 2 Directors and maximum 15 Directors. Its role is to manage affairs of the company and to obey the legal compliances under various laws governing companies.
  • Unlike members, only an individual who is above 18 years of age, having sound mind and not disqualified by law to become a director can become the director. Moreover, one person can become the director in maximum 20 private companies or 10 in case of public companies at a given time.
  • At least one of the Directors shall be a citizen and resident of India and remaining directors can be resident or national of any other country. Directors can also be the shareholders/members of the company. Moreover, a Director can easily be removed without his consent.

3. Name of the Company

  • Private Limited Company’s Name have 3 main components that are Main Name (e.g. ABC) Activity it shall carry out after incorporation (e.g. Business Consultants)
  • Suffix – either “Private Limited or Limited” (e.g. ABC BUSINESS CONSULTANTS PRIVATE LIMITED)
  • The name shall be unique that is it shall not resemble with any other registered company’s or LLP’s name or with any registered Trademark.

4. Registered Office Address

  • It is the main office address of the company whereby all communication either mail or legal notice with respect to the company is sent by all the government departments.
  • The Company registration in Faridabad, India is required to propose this address at the time of company’s incorporation and to maintain all the prescribed documents post incorporation.
  • Residential address can also be used as Registered Office Address of the Company.

5. Capital of the Company

  • A Pvt Ltd Company registration has to declare 2 types of capital that are Authorized Share Capital and Paid-up Share Capital, at the time of incorporation.
  • Authorized Share Capital is the maximum capital up-to which shares can be issued and it can be increased at any time in future to meet the capital requirements of the company. The company must declare minimum Rs. 1 Lakh as Authorized Capital at the time of incorporation.
  • Paid-up Share Capital is the actual of amount of capital for which shares has been issued during incorporation and the members are required to introduce this much amount in the company just after the incorporation. Unlike Authorized Capital, there is no minimum limit of paid up share capital.

Benefits of registering a Private Company in Faridabad

Documents Required for Private Limited Company Registration

  • Self-certified Copy of Pan Card of all Directors– 2 copies
  • Four Colored passport size photograph of each Director
  • Copy of any utility bill or bank statement in name of Directors.
  • Mobile & Email of all Directors, 2-3 proposed Name & Objects of Co.
  • Copy of Business proof of premises where company will be registered
  • Self-certified Copy of Address Proof all Directors– 2 copies – Any one of Passport/Voter id/Driving license/Aadhar card
  • In case of rented premises- Rent Agreement + Latest electricity bill in name of landlord + NOC.
  • In case of owned premises- Copy of Sale Deed + Latest electricity bill in name of Owner

FAQs About Pvt Ltd Company Registration in Faridabad

What is minimum capital required for company registration in India?

There is no minimum capital required as per companies act 2013 and its company rules, promoters are free to contribute and start the business as per their requirement

What is the Memorandum of Association (MOA) and the Articles of Association (AOA) of a company and what is the procedure in their regard?

On receipt of the name approval letter from the ROC the MOA and the AOA are required to be drafted. The MOA states the main, ancillary / subsidiary and other objects of the proposed company. The AOA contains the rules and procedures for the routine conduct of the proposed company. It also states the authorized share capital of the proposed company and the names of its first / permanent directors. After the MOA and AOA are required to be stamped.A stamp duty is required to be paid on the MOA and on the AOA. The stamp duty depends on the authorized share capital.

How to register a company in Faridabad?

Company registration in Delhi NCR can be done through the SPICE form i.e. e-form INC-32 in which MOA and AOA is also uploaded and provided to the MCA for verification and registration.

What is company registration certificate?

After all the documents are filed, the ROC calls the attorney on a specific date for scrutiny and making the corrections in the MOA and AOA filed. On complying with the same, the certificate of incorporation is granted to the attorney.

What are the advantages of Private Company Registration?

Limited liability which literally translates to if anything does not goes by plan it only affects the specific persons stakes of share not the actual company as they are separately liable. Continuity of Existence even after the transfer of shares or unfortunate event of death of any director In funding point of view private limited works out the best in getting the attention of Venture Capitalist (VC’s). Has an upper hand in terms of TAX advantages. Provides more exposure and credibility. Simplified process.

How to register a company name?

Company name could be applied through the process of submitting e-form named “RUN” with government fee of Rs 1000/- under MCA site.

What are the Guidelines for selecting name of a Company?

Name and object of the company could differ entirely and not necessarily to be in consonance with each other. Promoter can keep Company name on their initials and the same could be abbreviated. No need to change company name in case of business activity change. No need to obtain any sort of NOC whose name is being used in Company’s name.

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